LiteFence Perimeter protection – metal rail fence

LITEFENCE SV, anti-climb systems for residential metal rail fences with ZERO false alarms

Residential houses are an easy target for burglars. Thefts and intrusions against families and elderly people living alone are on the rise with, consequently, an increased demand from people for protection and safety.

One of the main problems with residential perimeter protection is how to protect the residence whilst providing an aesthetically acceptable fence, which normally includes unattractive microwaves and infrared barriers that the customer does not want to see.

Furthermore, conventional systems are infamous for their high rate of false alarms which are typically caused by greenery and vegetation in the garden. These systems require lengthy and complicated calibration operations and the sensors and greenery need constant maintenance.

The SV sensor LiteFENCE is a motion detector that is mounted on a solid fence or gate. Over 50m, it can detect shaking, cutting or vibration with extreme accuracy and does not generate false alarms.

In fact, SV has been completely designed to be a natural filter against false alarms and to mechanically dampen vibrations caused by the wind, rain or other weather conditions.

Its operating principle (patent pending), together with the Luceat LiteFENCE firmware ignores false alarms caused by weather conditions and generates an alarm if a burglar tries to break in by jumping over or cutting the fence.

 LiteFence SV sensor Video

LiteFence Main advantages

• SV is completely passive and is not affected by electrical discharges and lightning.

• 100% safe: it detects whenever the fence is being climbed or if the barbed wire is cut, remaining immune to any false alarm

• Reliable: thanks to its 4 levels of sensitivity and customisation of the pre-alarm time it can be adapted to any weather condition and… it always works!

• No need for long calibration operations or excessive maintenance of greenery

• Simple: it can be quickly installed by anyone, since it uses LiteWire plastic fibre

• Economical: reduces installation time and does not require maintenance over the years


LiteFence SV: how it works

The SV LiteFence system consists of a transmitter, which sends an encrypted luminous signal via plastic optical fibre, and a receiver, which analyses the signal and detects its variations with respect to a reference value.

The SV sensor is fixed directly onto a solid fence or gate in a matter of seconds. It contains a precision mechanism that transforms the movements of the fence into a light alteration that LiteFENCE is able to detect, thus giving an alarm!

The SV sensor operates solely on the axis oscillation of the fence, detecting oscillations and cutting with extreme accuracy without generating false alarms.

Each sensor has an attenuation of 9dB (equal to approximately 90m of cable) and is able to detect small movements up to 15/50m away protecting 30/100m of fence.

To protect large perimeters, loop or successive connections can be made, with a maximum of two sensors per section (two sensors have the same attenuation of 180m of plastic fibre cable).

The plastic fibre that connects the sensors is sensible to bending and can be used to increase the safety level of the system, for example installing it on anti-climb barbed wire brackets.


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